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As life-long music students, Andrew and Jasmine noticed some limiting trends in private music instruction.  As students, they and their peers regularly experienced one-size-fits-all lesson plans, inflexible educational strategies, and scheduling and logistical nightmares.  Equipped with degrees from a renowned music education faculty, musical passion, and a student-based focus, they created the Modern Age School of Music.

The Modern Age School of Music makes personalized education plans the standard for every single student.  Its skilled teachers create and constantly adjust personalized educational plans to best fit each student’s developing needs and goals.  Even teachers at the Modern Age School of Music work on a collaborative basis to improve their educational skills and the quality of their educational plans.


This is provided at a competitive rate, through traditional in-person and/or high-quality virtual mediums.  This makes music education more accessible for busy people and families.  Students have the opportunity to go directly from lessons to their regular routines without the stress and time involved in transportation.


EVERYONE can be a musician. 

We want to help YOU reach your musical goals!



Come meet them!



Drums/Percussion, Guitar, Violin/Fiddle, Ukulele, Mandolin, Tenor Banjo, Piano

Andrew is a Modern Age School of Music co-founder and teacher who works with musicians of all ages. He takes on a student-led approach where each student is given a helping hand to find their inner voice. 


He believes that working with new musicians should push the student/teacher relationship’s limits. Rather, it should evolve into a musical partnership to help curate the student’s musical style and personality. Not just creating a duplicate of himself.


Andrew has developed his educational style by teaching through multiple private music schools, large ensemble band settings, and studying music education at the university level.


Andrew holds a Bachelor of Music: Honours Education from Western University.


Trumpet, French Horn, Trombone, Euphonium, Ukulele, Piano

Jasmine is an enthusiastic teacher and co-founder of the Modern Age School of Music.  She has years of experience as a music educator and performer for large ensemble, chamber/small group, and solo performance.  As an educator, she has a passion for individualized, student-based learning.  She has worked in many positions where she has programmed for and taught children, youth, and adults, including those with exceptionalities and behavioural challenges.  Jasmine is passionate about rejuvenating traditional music education to create more versatile, independent, confident, lifelong musicians.


Jasmine is a student-centred teacher who knows first hand how to foster growth with a struggling learner. She works to help each student overcome barriers and succeed.  She is proud to call herself a teacher and can’t wait to work with you!


Jasmine has completed a Bachelor of Musical Arts from Western University.

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